The Secret Weapon of Salespeople Every Entrepreneur Should Steal

It’s easier to become a great salesperson than you might think

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The myth of the “great” salesperson

The most common misconception about effective salespeople is that they’re great at talking to people. But that’s a myth. Great salespeople aren’t necessarily great at talking to people. They’re great at listening to people.

Why questions matter

When you learn to ask prospective customers the rights kinds of questions — questions about themselves and their businesses — something incredible happens: they tell you everything you need to know in order to sell to them. That’s right… everything you need to know! They give it away, for free, like it’s the least valuable information in the world.

  • How are they currently dealing with the problem?
  • What other things have they tried to do to solve the problem?
  • How big of a problem do they perceive it to be?
  • How soon are they hoping to resolve the problem?
  • What’s the buying process for a potential solution?
  • Who would be involved in the buying process?
  • What’s the budget for buying a potential solution?

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